With a trajectory of almost 70 years in the national textile market, CONSORCIO CAROLINA SAC is a point of reference in the fashion of PERUVIAN WOMEN. Maintaining the tradition of our founder, Mrs. Carolina Rosenberg, we are known for developing differentiation strategies in our products, with the support of cutting-edge technology and the sustained development of the learning curve of our staff.

CONSORCIO CAROLINA, within the tailor made clothing industry, is a pioneer in owning and implementing an internationally recognized quality certification ISO 9001: 2008, which ensures the quality of the clothing throughout its productive chain, from product development until the post sale, which together with the “know-how” of the business allows us to differentiate ourselves from our competitors in the short and medium term. As the development of our product can not be outsider to innovation, we have equipment both software specialized in the textile industry and first level machinery that give us the necessary support to meet the demands of each client.